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The Bradfield Joy


Bradfield Joy began in 2019 with the mission that we can achieve health in mind, body, and spirit when our intentions are set to such. While using CBD products in our personal lives we noticed how they specifically supported our mission.

It became a search for the best, most effective CBD products for our family and turned into a vision to pass on our expertise and experience of using this supplement to all we could.


What Our Clients Will Tell You

I love my CBD gummies! I have osteo and rheumatoid arthritis and I feel it helps me to bend and move so much more easily. I feel and believe it keeps my symptoms at bay and the Doctor said that whatever I was doing, I’m keeping my numbers lower on the arthritis scale.

I give CBD chews to my 14.5 year old dog, Rocky, and he is moving much better than ever before and he’s passed 98 in human years. I’m hoping to do the same with my CBD gummies.

Betsy G. ~ Wilbraham, MA

Giving Back

From the beginning, Bradfield Joy has been committed to serving our community as a part of our mission. That’s why 10% of every purchase you make goes to a charity every month.

We do this because we love supporting our community and know it will come back to us in bigger ways.

Please come back often to learn about our featured charity and why we’ve chosen them.

We recycle, too! Bring back your empty bottle of CBD and we’ll give you 10% OFF your in store purchase!
This month we are giving to
We have chosen the Women’s Fund of Hawaii because we care about equality for all — especially those who’ve been affected by systemic oppression. The mission of Women’s Fund of Hawaii is to support innovative, grassroots programs that empower women and girls statewide. The Fund provides information and education on women’s and girls’ philanthropy, shines a light on women’s and girls’ issues, and increases the visibility of our grantees. Learn more by visiting their website.