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Question everything

But how do I know what to get?

Every week, I do free of charge consults.  I like consults. It gives me a better idea of what someone is looking to address.  Usually, what someone comes in to get is not necessarily what they walk out with! This is mostly because we uncover more root causes and also because there are different ways of getting CBD into your body.  I also like them because I get to go into more of the benefits of using CBD and why it works.  The consults are what made me decide to do a blog, too.  I certainly don’t like listening to myself talk. However, I do appreciate having something to go back to and a reference point so I don’t have to remember everything. I figure, since CBD is a relatively new supplement on the market, others would appreciate it, too.

So let me stop rambling and get to the good stuff…..

Did you know that over half of everyone CAN’T Swallow a pill?  Whew… I am glad I can.  This is one of the most significant reasons we provide softgels AND tinctures AND Gummies.  Of course, there is also personal preference, too.  I gave a jar of our gummies to one of my family members and they were so good she ate them all within a week!

There is a difference in the amount of time it takes to get into your system when you’re taking a softgel vs. a tincture, as well.  With a tincture, I recommend swishing it in your mouth for about 30 seconds and then swallowing it.  Some of the CBD can be absorbed and then the rest has to go through your digestive system.  This way, you would feel the effects within a few minutes. With a softgel, it will depend on how long it takes to get through your digestive system since the CBD will get absorbed in your intestines.  If you’re looking for immediate effects, I suggest applying our salve or cream (externally only).

Another thing to consider is how much CBD you want to get.  Our softgels come in 10 and 25mg. I take the 10mg daily just to promote overall CBD balance in my body.  When I get migraines, I’ll take an additional 25 MG to help me out.  (Here is an article from the Journal of Head and Face Pain if you’re into that kind of thing ).  With our tinctures, you get anywhere from 15-45MG of CBD with one full dropper.  Since all of our bodies have different amounts of CBD in them, you may or may not need more or less than others.

Overall, your well being and body balance is up to you and you know your body best.  I encourage doing a consult because it helps with clarity on how to get the balance with CBD.  I’m happy to schedule something over the phone if you aren’t local to CT.

Stay well, friends. You are important.

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