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A woman’s best friend

My pets mean so much to me.  I’m sure so many people feel this way.  My sweet big dog Angus lived to 12 and crossed the rainbow bridge February 2020.  I wanted to write about him today because I just read an article about clinical trials that were done for epilepsy and CBD effects for dogs (you know, science and feel good).  I’ll post the article info below.

Back in 2017, Angus started showing big signs of him slowing down.  At the time, I was traveling a lot.  I was lifting him (80lbs at the time) into the van because he could no longer jump up in there and also carrying him up a flight of stairs so he could sleep in the same room.  I also noticed his walks were incredibly slower and he would worry his joints afterward.  Since I was in Colorado a lot, someone suggested CBD.

It took a few tries to find the CBD that worked best for him.  It also took a little more leg work to find the safest kind for him, too.  Once I found the one that worked and was 100% safe (no THC), I made sure he always had it.  He was my best friend, a partner in my life, a confidant, my buddy, and at times, the reason I kept getting out of bed.  I would do anything I could for him to be comfortable as long as possible.

Angus is the initial reason I got into CBD.  When I saw how he was finally able to move around comfortably and wasn’t limping, I started devouring any information I could on CBD. That led me down the rabbit hole of FDA rules/benefits/difference between broad and full spectrum/clean and organic and ethically sourced, etc. It made me realize that there were so many other benefits that people just didn’t know about. It made me want to work on establishing my own brand with reliable and ethical vendors and getting the information out.

I am really open to speaking to anyone about how it can benefit your pet-dog, cat, horse (yes, CBD is used in horse recovery, too).  Our brand is 100% THC free which is essential since THC is toxic for most pets.  We also have our certified organic seal from the USDA.  Our largest audience right now is for our pet line of products.  These are also the folks who keep coming back.  I say this because I really do want people to know about how this gem of a supplement can improve the lives of our animals when they give us so much.  Call or email me with any questions.

Shawna Hodges
866-864-8JOY (8569)

Here’s the article I mentioned: Here’s the short cut: “89% of the dogs in the small pilot study showed a reduction in seizure frequency.”

Stay well, friends. You are important.

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