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about Bradfield Joy

Why CBD for Bradfield Joy? Simple. Our Family.

We use our CBD in our lives to support overall well being with 10 mg softgel to our daily supplement regimen.

In addition to that, the CBD cream soothes skin affected by eczema. The salve goes on in the mornings and after a long work day in the yard to support joint health. 

The 25 mg softgels are used as needed.

Our son Darrin has severe autism. CBD helps.

There are few things that he will actually take. However, the strawberry lemonade gummies make morning routines go off without a hitch! The softgels with Melatonin support healthy predictable sleeping patterns to ensure his brain gets the rest he needs.


Our pet tinctures are especially useful in supporting joint health

For two years, our 13 year old big dog, Angus, got a squirt of the CBD oil tincture that is pet formulated on his food. He went from barely walking to being able to run with our 2 year old big dog. He’s taken a leisurely walk over the rainbow bridge now, but CBD kept him going.

For our chihuahua, Buttercup, she gets a few drops in the morning on her food to support overall calm and balance. Before CBD, she would cry and fidget nonstop while getting her nails trimmed. Now, she relaxes as we handle her paws. She was also very anxious about nearly everything. Since giving her a few drops daily, her personality has shifted to a snugglebug that loves to be on everyone’s lap waiting for love.

We are in the industry to promote wellness, not treat sickness

Our supplier is unmatched in quality. Grown in Colorado and processed to get the maximum efficacy for all our CBD products, we are proud and delighted to announce we have received the USDA Certified Organic seal! We take special care to filter out any impurities and ensure there is absolutely NO THC.



Shawna Bradfield

As a Co-Founder of Bradfield Joy, it is so important to me that I get to live out loud! I wanted to start a company where I was helping people feel good in the skin they’re in while doing what I’m passionate about.  I want to be able to live abundantly and serve my community. Bradfield Joy isn’t just my company, it’s my calling.  I know that we can achieve health within our bodies, minds, and spirits.  I know we can heal our hearts with compassion, kindness, and honesty.  This is my commitment to myself and to you. 

In February 2019, I lost my mom.  Then, five short months later, I lost my dad.  While it has been hard on my heart, it has also helped me shift what I value. One of these shifts was valuing authenticity even more. Now, I walk through my fear and live in alignment with who I’ve always wanted to be and constantly working toward a better version of myself.  

I’m a co-founder of the company I want to work in, with products and services I whole-heartedly back, and a grateful heart to listen to people and foster healing in our hearts.



Denise Bradfield

As a Co-Founder of Bradfield Joy, I am excited to pass on all the information I’ve learned about the Endocannabinoid System, how CBD supports the ECS, and how it can support overall health and well-being.  I have personal experience with surprising results by adding it to my daily supplement regimen. 

When Shawna suggested using CBD after my neck surgery, I was very skeptical.  Is it even legal? Doesn’t it have THC? After reading all the peer reviewed articles I could find about CBD to ensure I wasn’t getting any THC, I decided to try it.  I was surprised at first that I didn’t know about this supplement that ended up helping me so much in my recovery after the surgery.  When she came to me later with wanting to spread the word and educate others about CBD, it was an easy yes.

I have lived in New England my whole life! I have a successful private therapy practice going on 15 years and I love helping people grow. My twins, Sydney and Darrin, are my greatest source of joy and teach me everyday. I love expanding my awareness of self-improvement and health. I really enjoy using my hands, especially in and around my home.



Antony Banks

I decided to invest myself with Bradfield Joy because it prides itself on health and wellness. I am a big fan of making sure we as people can maintain a level of healthy stability. I am 100% dedicated to making sure my audiences have the best products for their needs. 

When I was a kid, I always had the gift and passion to help people. Women specifically, but I noticed early I could reach people. At a young age, I knew I wanted to see people smile and feel great about themselves.  I wanted to put my values of being genuine, kind, and loving into action with serving people.